What are Dust Mites and Can Carpet Cleaning Help Get Rid of Them?

Most people have heard of dust mites but do not know what they are or what they can do. It may not be good news to hear that these microscopic insects live off the dead skin of human beings and animals. This is why it is not unusual that these insects live inside a home. The worst thing to learn about these insects is the human eye cannot detect them. They can invade most of the things a regular person uses every day, like the couch, bed, carpet, or even a person’s clothes.

These insects produce a lot of waste, and it is this waste that human beings should worry about. The waste these mites release can affect sensitive people in various ways. By most estimates, about 80 to 90 percent of the dust that accumulates in a home is waste from these insects, which should make people think twice about ignoring that bit of dust because cleaning it up feels like a chore. Some people experience a full-on allergic reaction, while others cough when they are near this waste.

Some people experience nasal congestion, while others just get itchy without having a reason to. There are some people who even experience watery eyes simply because they are exposed to this waste. Individuals who experience the worst symptoms have Asthma or other respiratory problems. The waste from these insects could trigger the worst asthma symptoms, which could be quite detrimental to the health of these individuals. It is true that there is no way a home could be free of these mites completely, but that does not mean they cannot be controlled. One thing homeowners can do is consider looking for a good carpet cleaner in Fort Wayne.

Why Would Carpet Cleaning be Helpful Against Mites?

Carpet cleaning would help the situation simply because a professional carpet cleaner should be able to get rid of most of the mites in the carpet. The problem is some carpet cleaning companies are not as diligent as they should be when dealing with mites. This is the reason it is preferable that only a trained and certified carpet specialist in Fort Wayne is hired to do the job right, like the Carpet Masters.

Cleanliness is the first and strongest line of defense against these mites. Taking small steps, like placing mats outside the door to dust the shoes off can be helpful, but there are times when a good carpet treatment is needed. One main reason focusing on the carpet is a good idea is because it is the largest fabric area within a home. This means the concentration of these insects could be quite large, especially if the carpet has not been cleaned properly.

Granted, the carpet is not the only place one could find these insects, as they could also be found in other places mentioned, but cleaning clothes and linens is not as troublesome as cleaning a carpet. The first thing a specialist will want to do is give a carpet a good deep cleaning treatment. This allows for the most penetration throughout the session and ensures the best results. This is a time-consuming process, but it is worth it if it means less mites. Keep in mind that deep cleaning should take place about two times a year, unless the mite issue is out of hand.

Deep cleaning is helpful because most mites will likely lodge themselves within the fibers of a carpet for added protection. These insects know they are in danger at all times, so finding a hiding place like the bottom of a carpet makes sense to them. It is important that deep cleaning is not skipped, even if the price for having this service seems a little steep.

What homeowners need to keep in mind is that dust mites are quite the insects. One reason simple cleaning cannot completely control their population is because they have sticky pads at the end of their legs. These little sticky pads make it easier for most of these insects to survive simple cleaning, which is the reason homeowners need a deep cleaning treatment every so often.

Another step a good carpet specialist is going to take if the dust mite problem is severe is use a high filtration system with a vacuum cleaner. These types of filtration systems make it easier to prevent mites from being emitted back into the air and into the homeowner’s house. Careless carpet specialist may vacuum an area and mishandle the vacuum bag or not use a high quality filtration system to ensure these creatures stay in the bag. High filtration systems can filter particles anywhere between one and five microns.

A professional team that knows what they are doing will not make the mistake of freeing mites that were just removed. It should be pointed out that a good carpet cleaning service is not only going to deal with the cleanliness of the carpet but is also more than eager to teach. Controlling the population of these insects is as much the effort of the professional cleaner as it is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Yes, good and deep cleaning will help, but it might also be a good idea to ensure other cleaning habits are initiated inside the house; for example, it is a good idea to dust often at home. Furthermore, homeowners should also make sure they change the air filter in their AC systems. A filter that has not been replaced in time will end up creating more dust inside the house, which is going to help populations of these insects grow again.

Homeowners may also want to consider purchasing a HEPA vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning. These are high quality and high filtration vacuum cleaners that make it harder to release dust mites that were removed from the carpet. This type of vacuum cleaner is a little pricey, but they are definitely worth the price if it means less mites and less allergic reactions for everyone inside a home.

Of course, it is a good idea for homeowners to consider deep cleaning treatments for other things, such as couches, beds, and other furniture where a dust mite might be able to survive.

Deep cleaning is not necessary all the time, but it is something that cannot be overlooked. These insects cannot drink water, so it might be a good idea to have carpet specialist give a home a carpet steam cleaning treatment from time to time. Homeowners should also consider installing a dehumidifier to ensure a home stays relatively dry. These insects like the temperature to be between 65 to 80 degrees. Homeowners who are willing to be a little cold in order to keep the population of these insects under control should definitely do so.

These are just some of the things to consider regarding a dust mite problem. One can see why a carpet cleaning service might be a good solution. Of course, professionals are always ready to talk to potential customers about any and all their concerns, so anyone thinking of having a carpet specialist clean their carpets is welcomed to contact a representative before making a decision.

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