Can A Dirty Carpet Affect My Health?

Carpets can harbor a variety of filth, bacteria, and allergens that are not visible to the eye but can be damaging to your health. Because most people spend up to 90% of their time inside, many people are constantly in contact with these infectious substances found in unclean carpets, putting us at risk of health problems. Here are five health concerns that dirty carpets could cause.

Asthma and Respiratory Issues

Dirty carpets can store a range of contaminants that can cause respiratory irritation or worsen asthma. Dust mites, mold, and other allergens may trigger respiratory disease and provoke asthma attacks, among other allergic problems.

Skin Problems

Nearly 75% of individuals admit walking around with their outside shoes on the carpet. Outdoor shoes, unfortunately, bring many germs that cause skin problems. Athletes’ foot is one of the skin problems that unclean carpets can cause. If you walk around barefoot on your carpets, germs can get into cuts, sores, and other holes in your skin. Additionally, if your body disagrees with any toxins in the air created by your unclean carpets, you may get an allergic reaction, such as a skin rash.

Stomach Illness

Carpets that are moist and dirty are particularly harmful to one’s health. Microbes such as mold and salmonella thrive in these environments. Mold can go undetected for a long time, and the mycotoxins it produces can irritate and infect the stomach. Salmonella is also dangerous and can lead to foodborne illness.


If you have allergies, mold and dust mites that can irritate your lungs can also cause red eyes and a runny nose. Accumulation in your carpet can trigger an allergic reaction or make your daily life more difficult. If you often have allergy-like symptoms, one of the first areas you should seek to reduce germs and mites is your carpets.

Weakened Immune Response

When germs or hazardous chemicals enter the body, your immune system goes into overdrive to protect the body. When you’re continually in an unclean atmosphere, your immune system is under a lot of stress since it’s always fighting the environment, which might make you feel tired and sick more readily.

An effective way to deal with health hazards posed by dirty carpets is to practice regular carpet cleaning. Contact us today to get your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service!

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