5 Reasons to Clean your Carpets Before the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching quickly here in Fort Wayne. While you’re ensuring that you’ve purchased the correct food and gifts for all of your family festivities, don’t forget to get your home ready to host said family festivities. Your top priority should be getting your carpets cleaned. Here are five reasons why.


    1. Get Ahead Of the Holiday Hustle

    When the holiday season starts, your home will be far too busy for you to take the time to clean your carpets. There will be many days spent shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, cooking meals, decorating, and enjoying the magic of the season. There will be precious little time for you to perform a thorough cleaning of your carpet while all of these festivities are occurring, so it’s best to get your carpets cleaned before the holiday hustle begins.


    2. Freshen Your Home For Those Holiday Guests

    Whether your home is the singular hub for family holiday activities or just one stop in a long line of places that your family will visit, you do not want your home to smell unpleasant to your guests. Foods with strong odors, pets, and normal everyday use can leave your carpets full of foul odors that will clash with the delightful scents of your cooking and holiday decorations. Before the first guests arrive at your doorstep, you should have your carpets cleaned. While most carpet odors can be eliminated with common carpet cleaner, potent pet odors will require a special pet odor eliminating carpet cleaner to ensure the enzymes are broken down and removed properly.


    3. Remove Stains that your Holiday Guests will Notice

    One thing that can seriously ruin the look of your home during the holidays is a stained carpet. You can try to hide the stains under area rugs and furniture, but this is just a temporary fix for a problem that will persist until it’s resolved. To remove stains and return your carpet to its lustrous appearance in time for the holidays, a professional carpet cleaning service should be hired to perform a deep steam cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning companies, like Carpet Masters in Fort Wayne, specialize in the quick and complete removal of tough stains. You want your home to look its best before your guests arrive with their jingle bells on. Calling in a professional carpet cleaner will be your best option for a cleaner, brighter carpet.


    4. Reduce Allergens for Those Holiday guests that suffer from allergies

    While regular vacuuming can help to reduce the accumulation of allergens that are present in your carpet, vacuuming can’t remove allergens as thoroughly as a professional carpet cleaning does. In areas of the country that experience extraordinarily heavy pollen during the year, especially in cities like Fort Wayne, it’s important to maintain a low level of pollen in your home. The last thing you want is for your holiday guests to arrive at your home and to subsequently have their allergies irritated by the presence of dust and pollen that is trapped in your carpet. A deep cleaning from a carpet steamer will remove virtually all of the pollen and dust in your carpet, which will improve your indoor air quality and grant mercy upon the allergies of your family members.


    5. Sanitize For The Little Ones

    As family members gather for the holiday season, there is no shortage of infants and toddlers moving around on the floor. You don’t want the little ones to be crawling around on a carpet that’s filled with dirt, germs, and filth. Giving your carpets a hot steam cleaning with a powerful sanitizing cleaner will ensure that your carpets are pristine and sanitary before the children come over to play.

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