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By carpetmaste39132210, Dec 8 2018 02:32PM

5 Reasons to Clean your Carpets before the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching quickly here in Fort Wayne. While you're ensuring that you've purchased the correct food and gifts for all of your family festivities, don't forget to get your home ready to host said family festivities. Your top priority should be getting your carpets cleaned. Here are five reasons why.

1. Get Ahead Of the Holiday Hustle

When the holiday season starts, your home will be far too busy for you to take the time to clean your carpets. There will be many days spent shopping for gifts, wrapping gifts, cooking meals, decorating, and enjoying the magic of the season. There will be precious little time for you to perform a thorough cleaning of your carpet while all of these festivities are occurring, so it's best to get your carpets cleaned before the holiday hustle begins.

2. Freshen Your Home For Those Holiday Guests

Whether your home is the singular hub for family holiday activities or just one stop in a long line of places that your family will visit, you do not want your home to smell unpleasant to your guests. Foods with strong odors, pets, and normal everyday use can leave your carpets full of foul odors that will clash with the delightful scents of your cooking and holiday decorations. Before the first guests arrive at your doorstep, you should have your carpets cleaned. While most carpet odors can be eliminated with common carpet cleaner, potent pet odors will require a special pet odor eliminating carpet cleaner to ensure the enzymes are broken down and removed properly.

3. Remove Stains that your Holiday Guests will Notice

One thing that can seriously ruin the look of your home during the holidays is a stained carpet. You can try to hide the stains under area rugs and furniture, but this is just a temporary fix for a problem that will persist until it's resolved. To remove stains and return your carpet to its lustrous appearance in time for the holidays, a professional carpet cleaning service should be hired to perform a deep steam cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning companies, like Carpet Masters in Fort Wayne, specialize in the quick and complete removal of tough stains. You want your home to look its best before your guests arrive with their jingle bells on. Calling in a professional carpet cleaner will be your best option for a cleaner, brighter carpet.

4. Reduce Allergens for Those Holiday guests that suffer from allergies

While regular vacuuming can help to reduce the accumulation of allergens that are present in your carpet, vacuuming can't remove allergens as thoroughly as a professional carpet cleaning does. In areas of the country that experience extraordinarily heavy pollen during the year, especially in cities like Fort Wayne, it's important to maintain a low level of pollen in your home. The last thing you want is for your holiday guests to arrive at your home and to subsequently have their allergies irritated by the presence of dust and pollen that is trapped in your carpet. A deep cleaning from a carpet steamer will remove virtually all of the pollen and dust in your carpet, which will improve your indoor air quality and grant mercy upon the allergies of your family members.

5. Sanitize For The Little Ones

As family members gather for the holiday season, there is no shortage of infants and toddlers moving around on the floor. You don't want the little ones to be crawling around on a carpet that's filled with dirt, germs, and filth. Giving your carpets a hot steam cleaning with a powerful sanitizing cleaner will ensure that your carpets are pristine and sanitary before the children come over to play.

By carpetmaste39132210, Sep 11 2018 02:52PM

Can Carpet Cleaning Completely Eliminate Dog and Cat Urine Stains And Odors?

We love our pets. They know when we are sad or ill, so they closely watch over us. We love them for their unconditional love, those big brown doggie eyes, and their smile and tail wag when they see us. We love our cats when they perch in our laps, purring. We appreciate when they curl up on the bed with us at night. They, too, watch over us if we are sad or ill.

As much as we love them, though, they have one habit that makes us crazy. When pets wet the carpet, the dog and cat urine seeps into the fiber of the rug and into the padding and subfloor beneath. When they do it long enough (they go back to wet the same spot), the carpet is ruined, and the floor needs to be replaced. This is a costly and unpleasant job for homeowners.

Homeowners don't always know where the animals have gone or in which room. The odor permeates the air we breathe. Those with breathing problems like asthma or allergy sufferers can't catch a clean breath of air. HVAC units pick up that odor and spread it throughout the house. Visitors are uncomfortable. It's time for professional carpet cleaning.

Why Can't I Do It Myself?

Homeowners might buy commercially produced chemical carpet cleaners. They will apply the cleaner, wait the recommended time, and then vacuum the spot. However, these chemicals are only designed to get the surface of the rug, not deep into the fibers. The chemicals can also harm the textile until the carpet needs to be replaced.

Home remedies are all over the Internet. Baking soda and vinegar are the go-to natural remedies for all sorts of purposes. They, too, are rubbed into the textile. They remove stains quite well. They won't harm the fibers of the carpet, but they also won't get the odor deep down in the fibers.

With the stains gone and the odor temporarily on hold, homeowners think they've beaten the problem. What they don't recognize is that an animal marks its territory. The animal will then go back to that spot or spots to make sure no other animal invades his or her space. The odor and stains will return.

Why Hire a Carpet Cleaning Professional?

Carpet cleaning first involves finding out the extent of the damage, the condition of the wooden sub-floor, and the length of time the damage has been there. If the pet is still in the house, that matters as well. The stain needs to be pretreated with a neutralizer that breaks down the pet urine and then followed up with a deep contaminant extraction cleaning.

The second choice is for the carpet and pad to be completely replaced. This is done only in the most severely contaminated cases. The urine may have evaporated, but the urea crystals left behind smell more pungent than simple urine. There is also the ammonia smell from the urine to be removed. The professional will then clean the wood or cement sub-floor and apply an odor block product. New pads and carpet will be laid over it.

Fort Wayne homeowners should know that professional carpet cleaners use natural products that won't harm the fibers of the rug. These won't interact with the chemicals built into the rug and warp. They won't cause a reaction that will cause asthma and allergy sufferers a moment's trouble. Nor will pets become ill from such an interaction.

Fort Wayne homeowners should also know that the longer the pet stains sit, the more damage is done. The air quality in the house will suffer exponentially

Bad odors mean the presence of mold and mildew from cat or dog urine. Professional carpet cleaning removes bad odors as well as the resulting mold and mildew. Indoor air quality improves. Breathing cleaner air improves those with asthma and allergies.

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