Allergies and a Clean Carpet, is there a Connection?
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Allergies and a Clean Carpet, is there a Connection?

By carpetmaste39132210, Nov 30 2018 04:50PM

Most people think having a house with carpet contributes to or causes allergies. They are half right. Carpet can be a source of allergies if it isn't kept clean. However, maintaining a clean carpet actually reduces allergies as well as provides a comfortable space for the whole family to enjoy.

Causes of Allergies

Your carpet may not be the sole culprit in allergies. Pet dander and dust mites that reside in carpet are the real problems. Cleaning your carpet regularly will help with those issues, but even a thorough carpet cleaning cannot get rid of all the pet dander or dust mites because they are also in bedding, cushions, furniture, and curtains. Regularly cleaning all these items will go a long way to resolving allergy problems. We have the ability and equipment to handle all of these needs.

Another big issue with allergy sufferers in Fort Wayne is mold. It also settles into the bottom of the carpet, particularly if a pet has had an accident or if there was a significant spill or leak. Cleaning your carpet regularly will also reduce the mold problem.

There is some science that carpet can actually help control allergies because it traps particles that normally float in the air. That is fewer pollutants that your family is actually breathing in. So, you can have an overall allergy reduction if you clean your carpets it improves indoor air quality.

The Smell

A smelly carpet can affect allergies. Things that can cause your carpet to stink include dog or cat urine, food or spilled beverages trapped in the carpet, baby messes, and a number of things brought in from outside by people with shoes. Breathing in these smells, particularly if they are strong ones, isn't healthy and can make breathing harder for those with asthma or allergies.

While a total deep carpet cleaning can't completely remove all smells, it can neutralize them and make your whole house smell fresher.

Who is Affected?

Everyone can be affected by allergies in some form, but those most affected by allergies in the carpet are asthma patients. A dirty carpet can really affect the health of these people because it makes breathing more difficult.

Children are usually affected before adults when it comes to carpet allergies. That's because they are constantly crawling and playing on the floor, so they are closer to the allergens than adults.

Types of Good Carpets for Allergies

Most agree the low pile carpet is the best kind to have if someone in your family has allergies. They are easy to clean too. However, they will still show stains and collect allergens so they will still need to be cleaned like every other carpet.

Regular Cleaning Times

Carpet should be deep cleaned by a carpet cleaning professional in Fort Wayne at least once a year or within 18 months, but that is depending on factors like children, pets and the amount of traffic your carpet endures. Deep cleaning removes all the dust and dirt that has settled into the base of the carpet. It also neutralizes smells that start to grow because of use, pets spills and crumbs falling to the floor.

One word of advice for those seeking carpet cleanings around busy times of the year, such as closer to the holidays or early spring. It is best to call ahead and schedule your carpet cleaner in Fort Wayne.

Types of Cleaning

The method we use results in little dampness and faster drying for your Fort Wayne home. Our low moisture, low pressure, and high vacuum method leaves carpet cleaner than those of competitors. The high vacuum method is double the power of other companies, which allows your carpet to dry more quickly. The normal drying time for most carpets is three to five hours. This is the safest way to clean your carpet too because a really wet carpet and carpet pad will, over the long term, create mold.

Call us to get a quote on professional carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne. You'll find that keeping your carpet looking fresh and new will go a long way to improve the health and quality of life for your family

Jan 18 2019 06:17PM by Emma

I have definitely noticed a correlation in how clean our carpet is and allergies. My family has bad allergies and we always feel better right after a carpet cleaning. Some people don't believe me but your carpets can hold so much dust and dirt that it makes sense.

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